Men's Fragrances

* Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers.

Hunnee B'z Perfume Oils has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances was created through chemical analysis and reproduction, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original nor do we represent that they are exact copies; therefore they do not violate any copyright laws. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison.

001M Compares to 212 Carolina Herrera Type Men
002M Compares to 360 Degrees Type Men
009M Compares to Acqua Di Gio Type Men
005M Compares to Allure Type Men
201M Compares to Angel Ice Type Men
007M Compares to Angel Type Men
234M Compares to Antidote Type Men
008M Compares to Anucci Type Men
295M Compares to Armani Code Sport Type Men
228M Compares to Armani Code Type Men
332M Compares to Armani Code Ultimate Type Men
220M Compares to Armani Diamonds Type Men
012M Compares To Armani Type Men
317M Compares To Artisan (John Varvatos) Type Men
342M Compares to Artisan Aqua (John Varvatos) Type Men
151M Compares To Atman (Phat Farm)Type Men
193M Compares To Attitude (Armani) Type Men
289M Compares to Aventus (Creed) Type Men
014M Compares To Be Delicious Type Men
236M Compares To Beckham Signature Type Men
016M Compares To Black Code (Armani) Type Men
184M Compares To Black Walnut Type Men
213M Compares To Blue Seduction Type Men
180M Compares To Blue Sugar Type Men
320M Compares To BLV Blue Type Men
020M Compares To Bora Bora Type Men
362M Compares to Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Type Men
021M Compares To Boucheron Type Men
188M Compares To Bulgari Black Type Men
023M Compares To Burberry Brit Type Men
024M Compares To Burberry London Type Men
319M Compares To Burberry Sport Ice Type Men
200M Compares To Burberry Summer Type Men
026M Compares To Burberry Touch Type Men
022M Compares To Burberry Type Men
028M Compares To Carlos Santana Type Men
276M Compares To Chanel Blue Type Men
238M Compares To Christian Audigier Type Men
202M Compares To Chrome Legend Type Men
358M Compares to Chrome Sport Type Men
030M Compares To Chrome Type Men
331M Compares to Chrome United Type Men
041ME Compares To CK One Type Men
153M Compares To Clean Type Men
241M Compares To Coach Type Men
032M Compares To Cool Water Type Men
282M Compares To Creed Silver Mountain Type Men
037M Compares To Curve Crush Type Men
036M Compares To Curve Type Men
327M Compares to Dark Obsession Type Men
041M Compares To Desire Type Men
136M Compares To Diesel Plus Type Men
345M Compares to Dior Homme Eau Type Men
135M Compares To DKNY Red Delicious Type Men
321M Compares to Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Type Men
044M Compares To Dolce & Gabbana Type Men
277M Compares To Drifter Type Men
047M Compares To Dunhill Type Men
203M Compares To Ed Hardy Type Men
051M Compares To Escape Type Men
278M Compares To Eternity Aqua Type Men
053M Compares To Eternity Type Men
161M Compares To Euphoria Type Men
055M Compares To Fahrenheit Type Men
323M Compares to Fan Di Fendi Aqua Type Men
057M Compares To Fierce Type Men
231M Compares To Fresh Type Men ( Dun Hill )
197M Compares To Fuel For Life (Diesel) Type Men
170M Compares To Gaultier II Type Men
058M Compares To Givenchy Blue Label Type Men
244M Compares To Givenchy Play Type Men
245M Compares To Green Irish Tweed (Creed) Type Men
155M Compares To Grey Flannel Type Men
296M Compares To Gucci by Gucci Sport Type Men
246M Compares To Gucci by Gucci Type Men
316M Compares To Gucci Guilty Black Type Men
300M Compares to Gucci Guilty Intense Type Men
279M Compares To Gucci Guilty Type Men
330M Compares to Gucci Made To Measure Type Men
356M Compares To Gucci Oud Type Men
328M Compares to Gucci Pour Homme II Type Men
194M Compares To Guess Suede Type Men
271M Compares To Guess VIP Type Men
248M Compares To Halle Type Men
061M Compares To Hanae Mori Type Men
062M Compares To Happy Type Men
249M Compares To Hearts & Daggers (Ed Hardy) Type Men
250M Compares To Hot Water Type Men
064M Compares To Hugo Boss Type Men
207M Compares To Hypnose Type Men
224M Compares To I Am King (Sean John) Type Men
285M Compares to I am King of Miami (Sean John) Type Men
251M Compares To I Am King of the Night (Sean Jean) Type Men
360M Compares to Intenso Dolce & Gabbana Type Men
068M Compares To Intuition Type Men
341M Compares to Invictus (Paco Rabanne) Type Men
208M Compares To Issey Miyake Intense Type Men
329M Compares to Issey Miyake Sport Type Men
187M Compares To Issey Miyake Summer Type Men
069M Compares To Issey Miyake Type Men
336M Compares to Jay Z Gold Type Men
072M Compares To Jean Paul Gaultier Type Men
181M Compares To Jean Paul Summer Type Men
280M Compares To Jean Paul Terrible Type Men
351M Compares To Jimmy Choo Type Men
073M Compares To John Varvatos Type Men
301M Compares To Joop Splash Type Men
252M Compares To Joop Thrill Type Men
074M Compares To Joop Type Men
076M Compares To Kenneth Cole Black Type Men
077M Compares To Kenneth Cole Reaction Type Men
075M Compares To Kenneth Cole Type Men
209M Compares To L'Homme (YSL) Type Men
312M Compares To L'Homme Libre (YSL) Type Men
343M Compares To L'Homme Sport (YSL) Type Men
254M Compares To La Nuit De L' Homme (YSL) Type Men
131M Compares To Lacoste Essential Type Men
357M Compares to Lacoste Live Type Men
337M Compares to Lacoste Red Type Men
078M Compares To Lacoste Type Men
079M Compares To Lagerfeld Type Men
335M Compares to LeBeau Male Type Men
315M Compares To Legend (Mont Blanc) Type Men
189M Compares To Light Blue (Dolce & Gabbana) Type Men
230M Compares To Love & Luck (Ed Hardy) Type Men
150M Compares To Lucky Number 6 Type Men
081M Compares To Lucky You Type Men
082M Compares To Magnetism Type Men
083M Compares To Mambo Type Men
355M Compares To Man In Black (BLV) Type Men
084M Compares To Marc Jacobs Type Men
085M Compares To Michael Kors Type Men
145M Compares To Millesime Imperial (Creed) Type Men
308M Compares To Nautica Aqua Rush Type Men
347M Compares to Nautica Life Type Men
297M Compares To New Harlem (Bond 9) Type Men
340M Compares to New York Musk (Bond 9) Type Men
353M Compares To Nuit D'Issey Type Men
256M Compares To Obama Type Men
090M Compares To Obsession Type Men
257M Compares To Oceans by Nautica Type Men
346M Compares to One Million Intense Type Men
286M Compares to One Million Type Men
258M Compares To Only The Brave (Diesel) Type Men
333M Compares to Oud Wood (Tom Ford) Type Men
093M Compares To Oxygene Type Men
094M Compares To Paris Hilton Type Men
095M Compares To Paul Sebastian Type Men
313M Compares to Perry Ellis Aqua Type Men
147M Compares To Perry Ellis M Type Men
098M Compares To PI (Givenchy) Type Men
259M Compares To Pi Neo (Givenchy) Type Men
099M Compares To Platinum Type Men
100M Compares To Pleasures Type Men
101M Compares To Polo Black Type Men
102M Compares To Polo Blue Type Men
166M Compares To Polo Double Black Type Men
196M Compares To Polo Explorer Type Men
324M Compares to Polo Red Type Men
260M Compares To Polo Red, White & Blue Type Men
103M Compares To Polo Sport Type Men
233M Compares To Power By Fifty Cent Type Men
325M Compares to Prada Luna Rossa Type Men
159M Compares To Prada Type Men
334M Compares to Pure White (Creed) Type Men
272M Compares to Ralph Lauren Big Pony #1 Type Men
273M Compares to Ralph Lauren Big Pony #2 Type Men
274M Compares to Ralph Lauren Big Pony #3 Type Men
106M Compares To Ralph Lauren Purple Label Type Men
222M Compares To Rocawear 9 IX Type Men
263M Compares To Rocawear X Type Men
359M Compares to Rogue by Rihanna Type Men
111M Compares To Romance Type Men
114M Compares To Sean John Type Men
177M Compares To Seductive Type Men
283M Compares to Sexual Sugar Daddy Type Men
299M Compares To Spicebomb Type Men
326M Compares to Sung Sport Type Men
172M Compares To Sunset Heat Type Men
120M Compares To Swiss Army Type Men
227M Compares To The Beat (Burberry) Type Men
226M Compares To The One (Dolce & Gabbana) Type Men
288M Compares to The One Gentleman ( Dolce & Gabbana) Type Men
363M Compares to Tobacco Oud (Tom Ford) Type Men
339M Compares to Tom Ford Noir Type Men
210M Compares To Tom Ford Type Men
122M Compares To Tommy Hilfiger Type Men
264M Compares To True Religion Type Men
125M Compares To Unforgivable (Sean John) Type Men
204M Compares To Unforgivable Black Type Men
182M Compares To Unforgivable Multiplatinum Type Men
265M Compares To Unforgivable Night Type Men
344M Compares to Uomo (Zegna) Type Men
185M Compares To Usher Type Men
266M Compares To Usher Vip Type Men
126M Compares To Vera Wang Type Men
017M Compares To Versace Black Jeans Type Men
018M Compares To Versace Blue Jeans Type Men
322M Compares to Versace Eros Type Men
168M Compares To Versace Fraiche Type Men
127M Compares To Versace Type Men
129M Compares To Very Sexy Type Men
314M Compares To Vince Camuto Type Men
338M Compares to Voyage N83 Type Men
138M Compares To Voyage Type Men
303M Compares To Wall Street (Bond 9) Type Men
215M Compares To Weekend (Burberry) Type Men
309M Compares To Woods (Abercrombie & Fitch) Type Men
185E Superior White Amber (All Sales Final)